Cognitive Science - How people perceive things


​A "Cognitive Science" application evaluates human perception and response to external stimuli to optimize performance. This may require the use of experimental design, protocol development, data collection, and statistical analysis. JXT applies psychology principles to determine likely situational actions and outcomes based on human mental states (intelligence, alertness, stress, perception, motivation, and understanding).

Human Factors - How people use things


​A "Human Factors" application typically involves how a human perceives and uses items such as interactive controls, displays, and simulations. JXT applies Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) and Ecological Interface Design (EID) principles  to the development of products that reduce mental workload and improve user and product performance.

Training - Helping people master their world


"Education and Training" provides knowledge and skills that are necessary for humans to better understand and perform the mental and physical tasks required in their jobs. JXT applies established learning methodologies, instructional systems design (ISD) principles, and educational technologies to develop e-learning, mobile applications, and classroom/field simulations and games to support your training needs.