Featured Services Include: 

  • Human factors
  • Cognitive science
  • Human systems integration
  • Training systems requirements analysis
  • Training gap analysis
  • Instructional systems design
  • Competency based education
  • elearning to classroom training
  • Whiteboard animation

Our Client Strategy

Properly trained employees are productive workers. Today's rapidly changing technology often means continuous training for your employees. JXT excels in workforce training and will partner with you to determine how best to improve your employee knowledge and skills to acheive your goals.  

YOu have a NEED. we have a sOLUTION.


  • Conference/workshop presentations
  • App development
  • Mobile learning
  • Interactive training solutions
  • Simulations & virtual learning
  • Just-in-time training
  • ADL/SCORM 508 compliance
  • LMS Management
  • Video & audio production


Beyond The Box

We strongly believe in delivering innovative solutions to your ideas. New requirements often need new solutions. JXT has extensive experience in defining requirements that lead to the design, prototype, development, and evaluation of solutions to meet client needs. 

Sensible Solutions

JXT can help your organization research problems, optimize methods, procedures and technology interfaces to improve the perception, performance, and productivity of your employees and business.

Improving human performance is where JXT excels! Deeply committed to serving our academic, commercial, AND government customers, we pride ourselves in understanding your requirements and offering technical solutions and products that serve to optimize the capabilities of your organization. Whether you serve in areas of emergency response, community healthcare, military, academia, workforce training...or others...let us deliver the most cost effective and technically advanced answer to your needs. 

Our Advantages

Forward Thinking

The JXT Team leverages science, technology, and training to improve Human Performance and effectiveness.